Monday, December 29, 2008

Hum bekhudi mein tumko pukare chale gaye...

It's about to be a month now since we became Mr and Mrs Vrushali Lad, and so far, things have been GREAT.

Never mind that I'm still a bit disorganised in the mornings and I'm STILL not used to not having a cup of tea handed to me first thing in the morning. The evenings are even worse, when I come tearing home and have to take 10 minutes just to list the chores to be done. But once the food is made (somehow) and I start on the rotis and the doorbell rings and the hubby comes home, somehow the effort is worth it with all the bullying him and ordering him about to set the table (I keep forgetting to do it every night) and then listening to him recount how his day either sucked or was terrific.

I even love the "Oye! Uth abhi!" routine we have every morning. Only difference is that when I say those words, he at least grudgingly gets out of bed, but when he does, I either don't hear him or just stay put.

It's been a nice time. Tomorrow I celebrate the first anniversary of the accident we had together last year. A year later, I have a deformed little finger and a cute little marriage to show for it :)