Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nowhere in particular...

- My entire life is upside down right now.
- Some days I'm okay with it, other days, just plain depressed.
- There is some truth to the rumour that God makes you do the things you're least comfortable with. Probably there's a lesson in there somewhere, but the only thing I've learnt so far is that God hates me quite a bit.
- I have HAD it with Indians throwing American accents. HAD IT. It's fake and obnoxious and gosh-darned patronising, so STOPPIT!
- Every person needs a bit of attention. Some recognition for past successes would also be nice.
- There's a learning curve to every job that initially goes around your neck and throttles you.
- Every person is guilty of one or more of the following: a) Smoking. b) Drinking c) Consuming aerated drinks d) Doing drugs e) Doing fake accents.
- Happily, I have done none of the above. I realise this qualifies me as a dork in most people's eyes, but most people are dorks.
- Losing your temper at the right time and in severe doses can scare the pants off people.
- No amount of money is ever enough. Not hankering after it can help a bit, though.
- I have not clicked a single picture in two months. I am a slap on the face of amateur photography.
- I don't even know where my camera charger is.
- I have alternating cycles of feeling really confident and feeling like I'm sitting on the kind of volcano that will go off and kill only me.
- Also it will burn my ass, but let's not get into that.
- I am a decent cook. The husband is still alive and actually looking nice.
- The web is a decent medium if you don't screw it up. So don't. I won't either.
- This post ends here because it was going nowhere in particular in the first place.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bring on the crazy

I'm going slowly crazy with the amount of work being done and the amount of work still to be done. And we haven't even launched yet.

And hey, I didn't share my first copy on Indipepal with you guys. Check it here.

The timings are going from erratic to bizarre, but I keep telling myself it's only for a few months. Once the general elections are done, there should be some breathing space before the assembly elections come around. And those won't be this hectic.

In other news, I am now a very quick cook. You could actually take some pointers from me on organising and putting together breakfast for the hubby, lunch for me, lunch for hubby, doing the dishes and sometimes even kneading dough for dinner. My home life is completely in a mess, though. Bloody elections!

Wish me luck with the launch and the work.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Boss uncle announced this morning that the portal will probably be launched this week. YIKES!!

I have no dynamic content. I am nowhere close to having dynamic content. I won't have dynamic content this soon. Somebody, help me!

*takes a sedative and crashes*

Friday, February 6, 2009

Two years ago

I just settled the chaiwallah's bill. As usual, I suspect he ripped me off but I said nothing, since this is the last time he will rip me off. In a few hours from now, I'll pick up the bag containing the encyclopaedia I bought last year but hadn't taken home because it is so heavy. I'll cast a last look at my workstation, hand over the locker and cupboard keys to the office boy and head out into the great world to start a career afresh.

It's strange how every time I change a job, it seems like I'm starting all over again. This time I actually am. This morning, Jaan hugged me and said that just like I had a good time at Sakaal and I would have a good time at the new place too. Trust him to always look on the bright side. I hope he's right.

All through this month, my fury at how wrong things were going and why I was made a part of it through no encouragement at my side blinded me to how much I would eventually say goodbye to. My small and inconspicuous work terminal with the nicest keyboard in the office and the one computer that has not yet crashed will probably be topmost on my 'What I will miss the most' list. Add to that the wobbly chair and the fact that one gets as much privacy and peace here to work as a railway station.

I've already emptied my drawer and locker. Nothing here now belongs to Vrushali Lad, and within a few days, someone else may take my place. The uprooting seems sudden and will be mildly traumatic. But one must now outstay one's visit, and in this industry, nothing is really forever, except the associations you make.

See you on the other side.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New high jump

There's nothing better than a swift kick in the balls to a detractor who fancies himself your equal (or superior) simply because he happens to be a fossil in the industry and you're not.

A few arseholes messed with me and must now be looking like the silliest fools in existence. I have a great new job in an exciting new medium and with no fuss or worries in return. These other idiots, to not put too fine a point on it, may be facing salary cuts, job cuts and goodness knows what else, while I can frankly say I had a lucky escape in time.

I will now be working with a portal called Indipepal.com and hope to do okay there, if not spectacularly well. You can't go too wrong if your motto is, "How difficult can it be?" At the most, I'll take a week longer to learn than others do. At this point in time, saturated to the eyeballs with mediocre stories and not wanting to get out of bed to come to this crappy office, I really have a good deal on my hands.

It's going to be a bit like going back to journalism college because I'll have a lot of studying and researching to do, but everyone knows that's the part I love best.

See you'll after I settle into the new place. Wish me luck.