Saturday, July 17, 2010

Once again

My life is on hold. Because I am chasing a dream.

I would like to be braver, but I am not. Very scared, and very humbled by the extent of my fears.

I want to come out of the dark. How long, how long...?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It was Bleeaarrgghh.

If you must know, Rajneeti the film sucks donkey balls.

And because Katrina Kaif's famous speech is being written about for about a year now, (how she took Hindi lessons and insisted on dubbing for it herself yada yada yada) I almost cried with frustration on seeing the speech scene. Katrina Kaif is surely pretty, but strictly teak wood in the acting department. So much so, that you feel like doing even that pretty face an injury after about ten minutes, just to make her more interesting.

The less said about the rest of the gang, the better.

The biggest tragedy was that Nana Patekar was not given more screen time. Please take up more movies, Nana. You had just two releases this year (the Dimple Kapadia coffee shop one being the earlier release) but you were memorable in both.