Monday, March 19, 2007

House full

Three days of the House and it's been such good fun...
- Nitin Gadkari shouting at Gurunath Kulkarni, "Tumchya navamule tumhi loksabhechya darapalikade pohochu shaklat...khali basa, tumhi kadhihi mantri banu shakat nahi!"
- Nitin Gadkari about to deliver his address on the law and order situation in the state, but scanning the crowd for "CMchya khurchiche davedar, mananeey Shri Patangrao Kadam kuthe ahet?" amid gales of laughter from the House.
- R R Patil being witty about Vilasrao Deshmukh.
- Bhaskar Jadhav leaping up from his seat with great gusto and proclaiming, "Sabhapati Mahoday, shetkaryanchya hatyebaddal..." and being interrupted with hoots and shouts of "Hatya navhe, aatmahatya!". Then Jadhav taking a second to compose himself and starting afresh, "Shetkaryanchya hatyebaddal...". Then Vinod Tawade jumping up and shouting, "Aho, hatya navhe, aatmahatya. Sabhapati mahoday, ha manoos kay boltoy hyala kalta ka?"
- Divakar Raote taking the Governor's speech apart page by page and summing up with, "Rajyapalanchya bhashanacha aadar karava lagto, mhanun apashabd bolu ichchit nahi. Parantu he bhashan phadun kachryat taknyachi majhi ichchha jari asli, tari mi phakt majha nishedh nondavun hya besharam...maaf kara, hya nishkriya shasnala hya bhashnache kautuk karu naye ase sangu ichchito."
- Neelam Gorhe whining, "Te eve-teasingche Bill tablech hot nahi ho..."
- Nitin Gadkari professing his 'misery' that he has to place the Home Minister among the usual suspects such as Dawood Ibrahim, Abu Salem, Chhota Shakeel and such.
- R R Patil putting Gadkari out of his misery by announcing that he has been given a clean chit in the Tasgaon episode.
- Vasant Daokhare's candidature as Deputy Chairman of the Council being questioned. To which, R R defends Daokhare by saying, "Tyana ti khurchi shobhun distey..." and Daokhare retorting with, "Mhanje kay? Mala kay ithech basvaycha irada aahe kay tumcha?"
- Anees Ahmad steadfastly refusing to give a single straight answer.
- Suresh Shetty being torn limb from limb over the JJ Hospital issue. He finally admitting (sulkily), "Yetya Budgetmadhye JJsathi instruments ghyaychi provision aahe..."

Next update after the Budget this week. That's all, folks!

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