Thursday, July 12, 2007

Best buds

So Bipasha Basu and Christiano Ronaldo are now 'best buddies'. And just because you were not invited to the Seven Wonders presentation party to show off your fake boobs in a barely-there 'Indian' outfit, and just because you didn't get the chance to 'bump into' Ronaldo at the post-presentation party, doesn't mean you grudge Ms Basu her opportune moment.

So Ms Basu just happened to meet Ronaldo and tell him how big a fan she was of his football skills, ever since boyfriend John Abraham introduced her to football five years ago. No matter that Christianobhai wasn't even playing professional football at the time, but must have been waiting on the sidelines thinking, "Five years hence, I'm going to dance with Bipasha Basu..."

And now the two of them hit it off instantly (don't ask hit off what), so much so that they danced all night and laughed all night and talked all night and struck smooching poses at an opportune moment. But the proudest moment of all for India came when Ronaldo told Bipasha that he was a big fan of Bollywood. By her own admission, she says she told him not to be nice just because she was from Bollywood. To which, he whipped out his cell phone and - this is going to get you good - played 'Tujhse naraz nahin...' from Masoom and told her that he loved the song.

Sigh. I am so teary-eyed knowing how far Hindi film music has gone. I'm sure Beckham is playing 'Apna Sapna Money Money' on his flight to L.A.

And to sign off, Bipasha madam says that she is now such good friends with Ronaldo, even without those opportune moments, that any time she wants to watch a football match live, all she has to do is call Ronaldo for tickets.

Hmm. And since I hit it off instantly when I met Aamir Khan at the premiere of Lagaan, that any time I want to watch a movie, all I have to do is SMS him. He brings the tickets home to me on a velvet cushion and begs to be taken along.

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