Monday, December 3, 2007

Mohalle mein kaisi maara maar hai...

I refuse.
Yes, I got your point.
I still refuse.
That makes you unhappy? Shucks, that's bad.
Look, don't tell me what to do. I'm not telling you not to protest or effect a ban.
Yeah well, bite me. I'm still here.
So just because I said 'mochi' you thought I was talking about you? Why didn't you think I was referring to you when I said 'sonar'?
Oh, though. I wonder what the sonars are thinking.
Or, for that matter, the halwais.
Or even those who set up stalls in the village bazaars. One more protest coming up, if not two or three.
I think my dalit brethren are more educated now than they used to be. More skilled, with access to more opportunity in education and in the workplace.
I know a lot of the supposed dalits, who are making more money than I am, are more talented, are richer and who're going places with the sheer force of their personality. Or karma, if you prefer it.
So why the intolerance?
And why go out of your way to take offense?
Especially when none was meant? I'm sure none was meant.
At least the Censor Board didn't spot it.
I mean, seriously.
I could take offense to the song, too. It's basically about a girl who's up to no good.
So by your yardstick, all of womanhood's dignity is at stake.
Which would be set right if the song itself was deleted.
The way your dignity was restored when two lines of a song, which is at best a mediocre song, were deleted.
Makes me wonder why your dignity, standing in life and basic existence are threatened by one word here, another line there.
Hate to say this, but now I probably understand how some of the 'oppression' happened.

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