Friday, January 11, 2008

Right to the left of it

One good thing to arise out of the accident, apart from getting the family to wait on me at all times, is that I am using my left hand moderately well. However, the thing I can do have further been divided into the things I need help with from mum.

Sample some of the activities done left handed these days:
Folding sheets.
Fluffing pillows.
Dressing up.
Holding books.
Turning pages while holding book firmly between chin and shoulder.
Soaping body.
Brushing hair.
Getting stubborn, unyielding set of headphones on after a silent, 5-minute struggle.
Reading newspaper. Folding it back.
Wiping tears after a pain-induced (or self-pity induced) bout of tears.
Cracking open tablet sheath.
Keeping baby safely away when cuddling with her.
Clenching tightly or holding over mouth when getting the hand bandaged.
Playing solitaire on the computer.
Trying other games on but giving up because a) Some games are too fast to rely on my right brain's (lack of) processing speed, b) The other games need both hands to operate, hmph.
Fishing out and watching movies.
Opening and locking doors.
Scratching head.
Chatting on Gtalk.
Writing in completely illegible scrawl.

What bums me out is that there are some tasks you just can't do with one hand. Fastening buttons. Pulling baby's cheeks before they go down. Typing fast. Oiling hair. Washing hair. Using deo and talc. Grrr!!

But probably the nicest bits have been the back-to-childhood snatches when mum bathes me, dries me, gets me dressed and ties my hair up. Or when she breaks my roti into tiny pieces at mealtimes because I had an injury on the left hand as well. Or sits next to me or pats me to sleep every time I'm in pain. Every time, I almost end up saying, 'Ga ga!'

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