Thursday, May 1, 2008

You know you're in love when...

- You don't need to spell out anything, just a glance will do. Like when we're in a restaurant and a really fat person passes by, we just widen our eyes a bit.
- You go all gooey at the sight of a chubby infant.
- You tell yourself, 'My kid is going to be like that'.
- You want your kid to have his looks and your brains, not the other way around.
- You have a set of words and incidents that can make you laugh no matter what or where.
- You've just dropped the person off after a long day together but you still want to go back and complete the conversation.
- Your daily schedules match, right from the time you wake up till the time you sleep. And you're in two different houses and offices.
- You start the day by cribbing unitedly about a bad display for your story or about how bad the HT is.
- You make lunch dates you don't honour but don't fight about.
- You wait hours at railway stations so you can travel back together.
- You refuse to sit through bad movies and cry like kids during good ones.
- You are intellectually and ethically well matched but you notice that only when thrown in together during a crisis.
- You wait patiently at night, armed with books and snacks, for him to reach home and call you so you can say goodnight.
- Also because you have no other way of knowing when he got home.
- He goes out shopping for you though he's daunted at the prospect of going through girly stuff.
- He smiles when you ask him to though he's not in the mood. Only because you like his dimples.
- He cries with you.
- You hug him and he's a perfect fit.
- Both of you love harassing your younger sister.
- You can't imagine being with anyone else, ever.
- You can argue like cats and make up later, with the promise of not fighting again. Then you fight over that, because you like to fight.
- You find two white hairs on his head and think they're cute.
- You have this conversation:
"Gosh, I'm bored."
"Hmm. Chal, bhaag jaate hain..."
"Not today. I'm bored."
"Okay, kal."


Moo said...

Hee! Cute post. :)

But the first one is something that we do together too. :( You no loves me? :(

WiseAss said...

I loves you littel.

Okay, I loves you loads. And we've done the first thing ever since I can remember. Muah!