Thursday, August 13, 2009


These days, I'm counting the days of the week as per the husband's weekly off.

These days I'm beginning to think I've outsmarted my sleep deficit.

These days I'm writing a lot and reading much more. That makes me really happy.

These days I'm nursing a husband who's a bit unwell.

These days I'm not cooking too much. That's not good.

These days I've started checking my e-mail thrice a day. I used to do it once in two days.

These days I'm not going anywhere and there are accusations of me trying to be exclusive and all. Whatever.

These days I try and be patient but man, it's hard.

These days I try to be more useful but that's harder than anything else.

These days I find I've blanked out most of this year from my head. That way, I'm a bit fuzzy on details but at least I'm less grumpy.

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ani_aset said...

hehehe rant rant girl :)