Monday, April 16, 2007

Somebody...anybody. Just help.

So it was that by the time I reached office this morning, I knew this was to be one of those days. You know, the kind of day when there are a gazillion stories on every beat and you can't afford to miss a single one because it's just too hot to be roasted by the boss.

Anyway. So we started the day's work with a mountain of stories piling up and the mind already putting them all into different filing cabinets ("Okay, first the Assembly reports. No, first, the TADA proceedings. But wait, even the Mahajan trial is on...but wait, first the Assembly reports") and then just about to sit down to put the day in some kind of order, when Jaan messages me with the very cheerful news that 7/11 accused Rizwan Dawre has the Interpol breathing down his neck with a Red Corner notice.

Phooeey. I really think filing cabinets suck.

So back it was to finding out what the bloody man did in the first place, to getting an irate K P Raghuvanshi to give me details over the phone ("Arre madam, I am addressing media persons in a few minutes...", "Ji sir, but I won't be there so could I know what you're telling them anyway?") and then piecing together the happy news that Dawre was the chap with the hawala transactions and a big donation for a chunk of the operation. Tsk tsk, bad boy, Rizwan.

And was just getting that in order and sending it when MB decides to make his presence felt by messaging me to keep a tab on Dilip Walse Patil who was to make earth-shattering announcements over the ULCA affair. Yeah, like I'm like some Grade A chutiya who knows nothing. Okay fine, I'm a Grade A chutiya who knows very little, but there's no need to rub my face in it.

But that was not to happen for some time, so I spent some moments making sense of the May 9 date for the Sanjay Dutt verdict. The other 69 who raised a ruckus over parity with Dutt and so on, would also have their orders passed that day. So that means nobody's playing till May 9. In which case, MB will be out gallivanting on this Friday, April 20 ("It's my anniversary", blush blush) so that should indicate that yours truly will be the Friday scapegoat floundering while all the news beats get together and discuss strategies to beat me over the head for one complete day.

And by the end of today, 10 bucks says I will be out of this place with a very pronounced 'sutta na mila' expression on my face and thinking longingly of Saturday when the stupidity is suspended for one whole day. But today is just Monday and the entire week is still to go...


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