Friday, April 6, 2007

Jaalim ka jod de makaan...

One of the strangest things to happen after I started work in such a volatile profession, is that instead of getting jumpier than I already was, I settled down.

And also from being the kind of person who gets bored to bits with any person after about 30 minutes of his company (30 minutes is a highly optimistic and conservative estimate), I am actually looking forward to more and more time with one person alone. One person with the dimpled smiles and the puppy noises and the declarations of "I'm not Cleopatra, alright!"

Talk about contradiction in terms.

Okay, so maybe there is such a thing as destiny. And maybe there is such a thing as fate that dictates whose paths will cross yours and when. Maybe if I had continued with the architecture madness, I may have been around a different set of people and circumstances. Maybe I would have still been single, or worse, hitched to some silly boy (not that I'm not hitched to one right now, hyuk hyuk!).

Or maybe I wouldn't ever have known that an entirely different world exists out there - that people are actually not as complex as they seem, or that it's okay if you can't change the world and that hard work not always leads to positive results.

And I would have definitely passed by the many tests of resilience and patience and discoveries and loud laughter and the feeling that for once, there is something I can actually do passably. Architecture only made me feel stupid and like I was two-year-old autistic child.

And I would have never met this dufus (read duphoos) who needs to mentally prepare himself for an hour before each bath, or who keeps me waiting at every railway station he can think of and have a novel excuse ready, or who tries every trick in the book to get me to spill the beans on something I don't want to talk about.

And this is also the same boy who buys me half of Inorbit because it's my birthday and tells me to 'Ja Mar!' every time I rag him about going to another boy. What he doesn't get is there is no other boy, man or beast I would ever go to.

Not because I love him a lot, because I don't. Not because I think he's the best boy in the world, because he's okay-types. It's because my every thought and action starts and ends with him, but curiously, not to the extent that I can't think without him around.

Okay, so maybe I love him a lot and he's not just okay-types. Just don't tell him I said that or I wouldn't hear the end of it.


Wittygoldfish said...

i want you.. i miss you

mukta said...

I thought this was a media-based blog. No giving plugs to love lives here. Cheat. :P

WiseAss said...

Keep quiet, Tabby. Nowadays everyone in the media gives plugs to everyone else.
And we're both media professionals, so I've kinda stuck to the media-based blog rule, you ninny.

p.s.: Keep quiet, Tabby.

mukta said...

Talk about commercialisation and free publicity... *grumble grumble grumble*