Friday, May 18, 2007

This is what crossroads look like...

...and to tell you the truth, I'm not too impressed with any of them.

On the one hand, common sense dictates that I stick on in this job and hope that the situation improves. (Hah! Say that again, this time with a straight face.)

While on the other hand, logic dictates that the work you do only adds up to a decent total that helps you in the future. (As if.)

A third possibility is that this job can be used as a springboard for better opportunities in another newspaper.

And a fourth possibility says that, as always, I'm bored way too quickly and that I'm possibly being an ass all over again.

But how do I quell that small voice in me that says, time and time again, It's your life. Hang on tight and do with it what you will.

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