Monday, March 23, 2009

Maya Memsaab

However repulsive the idea (and to many, it is), one can't deny that some day, this great country will have a dalit prime minister in Mayawati. That she is unabashed about hoarding her millions while her party workers continue to work penniless but with passion is a story for another day. What needs to be seen, apart from the short hairdo and the gaudy salwar kameez suits that Mayawati sports, is that she has political acumen enough for 10 politicians.

You might argue that she banks on and ruthlessly milks the sizeable dalit vote in her home state and the country and does not hesitate to cut other dalit parties to size if she sees the chance of capturing a brief moment of power. That's a story for another day, too. What does matter, is that since 1991, only Maya behenji has had the balls to lead her party to a majority win anywhere in the country, while the rest of them suckers keep squabbling within their coalitions.

To get the power and to keep it there takes loads of planning and plenty of intelligence, and Maya does both well. That's not to say that her sitting in the PM's chair will benefit the country in any way. But with the Third Front gaining strength slowly, at least to a level where it can influence final decisions once voting is over, Maya is in a position to usurp the chair and like everything else she's done so far, her planning will be bang on target.

This is how she does it.

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Debby said...

Leaving aside her methods, it doesn't change the fact that if she becomes the PM, we are in for one hell of a roller coaster ride. Of course they are all the same, no matter from which party. But the point is some have a conscience while others don't. I will give a long shot example. It's like having Pakistan as the enemy is better than having the Taliban, because if the Taliban has nukes, they will use it without any second thoughts on the aftermath. Pakistan won't because there are still some sane people on the board.

Likewise, Mayawati as the PM means she will cross all limits of restraint in the cesspool of politics of personal wealth -- and use the corruption bomb with a chain reaction that nobody can stop.

Meanwhile, enjoy this link :-)