Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Some pics of general interest on Valentine's Day.

The guy in the picture wanting to go to the men's room is Aamir Khan (who never attends Indian film award shows but gallivants at award dos in the West) at this year's BAFTAs, where everybody wore black to mourn such films as Babel.

From left to right: Aamir in faux mohawk look and shoes which he wore with a three-piece suit at another party. Amazingly graceful outfit at this party, though. Centre and right- two old fogies, one of whom won an award for holding the other old fogie's garbage bag dress together.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think somebody pulled a Frankenstein on Aditi Gowitrikar (if it is indeed her?)? Pictured here is Aditi with Sarika's eyes, Zeenat Aman's jaw and nobody's hair.
Ooh, but the dress is complete Valentine's Day stuff. But did anyone notice that Aditi is trying hard to conceal a little kid's sling bag inside her dress? Look close; see the red strap? Probably a gift for her second baby.

This is designer Manish Arora (the queen on the left, not the woman on the right), who had an evening showing of his latest collection in London yesterday.

Apparently, our Manish impressed the junta well and propah. So the initial applause went to his head, and he dragged out what looks like Kate Moss dressed in one of the tin foils the backstage guys use to wrap lights in.

Manish took the show in his stride - he was nonchalance personified with a salt-and-pepper mould on his face and a strategically-placed hand to cover a coffee stain on the shirt front.

Producer of Water David Hamilton poses in Toronto with director Deepa Mehta's evil older sister, who recently turned 100.

This seems to be a happy outing for the two - Hamilton was recently quoted as saying that he was fast losing his fear of 'the unknown', while Deepa's sister (name withheld to protect identity) will soon be fitted with a new set of teeth, something which should bolster her confidence.

The guy in the centre, known as Irfan Pathan, plays cricket in his spare time. When he's not playing cricket, he takes a shave with bad razors and gets fooled into driving in circles by little boys.

We snapped Irfan just when he crossed the finish line after clearing the 200m Langdi Race for Pretend Cricketers. Teammate Harbhajan Singh didn't look pleased to be coming in second. If you notice, Harbhajan was mentally marking the spot where he would stab Irfan in the dressing room.

Next change: Eklavya. This is Vidhu Vinod Chopra's next venture after Mission Kashmir; he has Amitabh play Ravan in this film, if the poster is any indication.
left to right: Saif Ali Khan (who has not brushed his hair since Dil Chahta Hai), girl with big nostrils, Sanjay Dutt (who cannot go to jail because he has family to take care of), Amitabh Bachchan (whose eyes, some part of nose and lower lip are just visible above the tropical forest on his face), Boman Irani (looking pained to be in the picture), Jimmy Shergill (who has just discovered that he is not carrying his train pass and the TC is in the compartment) and Jackie Shroff (trying level best to look impressive and failing parlously).

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