Sunday, February 11, 2007

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The Mumbai serial killer's name has been reported differently by different media. What do you think it is?
0 Ravindra Kantrole (Mid Day)
0 Ravindra Kantrulu (Sunday Times)
0 Ravindra Kantale (CNN IBN)
0 Ravindra Control (Hindustan Times, in the first two stories the paper did on the subject)
0 None of the above. It's Raavinndra Kkantrolle.

The Shiv Sena now says it will 'go soft' on Valentine's Day offenders. What do you think the Sena will do?
0 Burn cards and break shops quietly and with huge smiles.
0 Twist offenders' ears and make them do uthhak-baithhak.
0 Nothing. Mid Day reporters might act on the Sena's behalf like last year.
0 Instruct all gift shop owners to stock only bhagwa hearts and teddy bears.

When the MNS says 'we do not support or oppose V-Day celebrations', what does it mean?
0 That the party forgot to mention its position in its manifesto, and now it's too late to deliberate on it
0 That it will wait till the Sena does something - after all, there has to be something to contradict
0 That sitting on the fence is a policy Raj Thackeray intends to adopt from now on.
0 That the 'Holier than thou' attitude is a good way to appear elitist.

'Rang De Basanti' was recently kicked out of the Oscar race because:
0 It is about 6 hours long.
0 It is a straight lift from an English film on a filmmaker researching the life of Jesus.
0 It was destined for a Water-y finish.
0 UTV defaulted in its payments to the Academy of Motion Pictures.

When the CBI says that "The Reliance Infocomm case is too technical", what do you think that means?
0 That even the CBI is only human and that the full implications have not yet sunk in even after two years.
0 That the CBI is still wondering how Reliance hit on such an ingenious idea to cause losses to the State Exchequer.
0 That the CBI is unsure about how many zeros are to be counted in Rs 150 crores.
0 Nothing. What is the Reliance Infocomm case?

What are the first words that come to your mind when you hear 'Shilpa Shetty'?
0 Oh no, not again.
0 Big Bother.
0 Har kutti ka din aata hai.
0 "Chicken curry rules!"

Rakesh Sharma's Final Solution (based on the aftermath of the Godhra riots) was posted on Google without permission and has had over 17,000 hits already. What would you say to the incensed filmmaker?
0 Good gimmick, that. When it releases in theatres, the film should beat Parzania's sales.
0 Even Google has its freedom of expression, just like you do.
0 The internet is a good place to peddle a turkey of a film. Sooraj Barjatya made good money by posting Vivah online.

Arthur Road jail is now fitted with a mobile jammer. What does this mean?
0 That those who have mobile phones can now use it only to play 'Snake'.
0 That crime reporters can no longer file stories using versions of inmates currently lodged there 'on condition of anonymity'.
0 That at least 20 stories will be filed explaining how inmates can get around the jammer.
0 That Mid Day and Mumbai Mirror will now file front page stories with such headlines as 'Jam jam jammy' and 'Aur bhi tareekein hain Bhai ko phone karne ke...'


mukta said...

Hahahahahahahhahahahahahaha @ 'jam jam jammy'. Brilliant post. Although in some places I wanted to choose more than one option as the answer. [:D]

WiseAss said...

Hee, thanky!