Sunday, January 3, 2010

Aal izz well

Watching '3 Idiots' was a good idea. Not only did I get some much-needed laughs, the film's message came at the right time.

For perhaps the first time since I quit architecture to take up journalism, I understood what a wise person I REALLY is :)

No, that wasn't the first time I realised it, but it's nice to be reminded. Also, the husband completed his engineering only to start work as a journalist. I did pretty okay when I was still working, he is fabulous. And the shift wasn't easy - not to contemplate, not to execute. Imagine, I went to journalism class with a roomful of people FIVE years younger (!) than me, and it was terrible at first. The husband initially floundered because he didn't know how to write, how to structure his copies, what brevity means, what style is...and look at the boy today.

So like Ranchhoddas Shyamaldas Chanchad says, the heart is actually a coward that needs to be fooled into thinking that life is good, even when it's not. Doing so doesn't mean the problem goes away, but it reduces the fear associated with it. That's something to take away from the film, never mind the other exaggerations and OTT situations.

Aal izz well with me thus far. You?

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