Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Completely irrelevant post

Irrelevant to you, that is. Not to me.

Tomorrow I hope to make some semblance of my life and put myself back into circulation for work. Am hoping to cadge a freelance assignment for a TV show and I have no details yet because they'll give them to me during the meet-up, which is tomorrow. *crosses all fingers, toes, and eyes*. Keep you posted on how that goes. Hope it's a good thing which makes sense, because I have never been afraid of working long and hard towards getting a good story.

God bless Yogi for pinging me when I needed a friend yesterday. And also for passing on relevant contact information.

I cannot believe I will be taking the local train after August last year! :-O I cannot believe a girl like me volunteered to hole herself up for so many interminably long months.

Lastly, things are a bit shaky on the home front but we persevere. Because we must. And because we love so deeply.

Catch you later. Wish me luck.


dattaabhishek said...

best of luck!

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